5 Helpful Pieces of Advice For Writing A Literature Review For Your Dissertation

If you are studying literature in college or university and have gotten to the point where you are ready to write your dissertation, one approach that you can take is creating an in-depth critical review of a given piece of significant fiction. For example, many English lit, students have chosen to write reviews on "Charles Dickens" or "Shakespeare" as their final dissertation because they feel as if their is much to be said about these writers contributions to the English language and that their is enough research on these writers and their works to support an entire dissertation paper. It is very likely that they will decide to focus on one piece specifically such a "Great Expectations" or "Hamlet", they will analyze these pieces thoroughly and research their themes, in order to create what can only be described as an immaculate book report.

If this is something that you have been considering for your dissertation, we have come up with some helpful pieces of advice that will help you get started and move the writing process along. After all, your dissertation is an extremely important piece of work and needs to be taken seriously if you wish to receive a positive evaluation.

  1. Make sure that their enough substance to justify an entire dissertation.

    Certain pieces of literature are relevant enough that you can write an entire large-scale publication on them and STILL have room for discussion. However, others far short when considering appropriate material to create an academic paper on. The only way to know for sure is to do a bit of preliminary research and try to come up with a strong thesis, if you cannot come up with one, you may wish to choose a different piece of literature to examine.

  2. Is it Unique choice?

    The piece of literature that you select should be unique in some way; otherwise your dissertation will not seem original. Many of the "popular choices" have already been overdone, so you are going to have to pick a piece to review that won't be redundant.

  3. Is it an appropriate choice?

    Although you could probably make any piece of literature work, you may want to consider if the content is appropriate to study and if writing a long form review on it is a worthwhile endeavor. You want to make sure that the facility will understand "why" you chose the piece that you did.

  4. Try to pick a piece that has some personal significance.

    The worst thing you can do is commit to writing about a piece of literature that you don't even like. Pick something that you can relate too or that holds some personal meaning, this way your own insights will seem more authentic.

  5. Choose your resources wisely

    Finally, once you have begun the writing process use choose your research resources wisely. Remember all fiction is subject to interpretation, are the sources that you are using written by accredited experts? The overall quality of your paper depends on the type of research you choose to use.

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