Beware of Free Dissertations Online

When you need help writing dissertation content, you may think about checking online to view some sample content for ideas.  While this seems like a safe idea, some students who are unsuspecting may be looking at content that is plagiarized or being resold.  Some who feel they can’t afford to buy a dissertation may consider using a free dissertation for whatever purpose.  In many cases, this is not a good idea since you could be setting yourself up for trouble.  The following information details potential downfalls of free content available online.

You Have No Way of Knowing Where the Content Was Originally Generated

Many dissertations available online for free may not indicate where it originally came from or who created the content.  There are some colleges and universities that may publish dissertation content for their students.  In most cases, content in this capacity is fine.  Yet, if you just conducting a search online and come across a site you are not familiar with that offers free dissertations, be cautious.  You should look at how the content is presented and even consider the website itself.  It can be an uncomfortable though in using or studying content in which you have no idea where it came from originally. 

The Content May Not Be Written According to Your Needs and Specifications

Free content online can be helpful in showing you have to present your content.  Paragraph and sentence structure is important toward overall presentation of your dissertation.  But, many professors and instructors who assign students such work have different expectations of their own.  Meaning, some universities and colleges may have guidelines or standards they expect their students to follow when creating their writing assignments.  Free content online may not follow your needs as far as formatting, editing, and other pertinent writing aspects are concerned.  This may make things more difficult when trying to understand how your dissertation should be written.

Many Free Dissertations Feature Poor Quality Content

In some cases, the information may be outdated since you have no idea how long the information has been published.  The information presented in the dissertation may not be written correctly or have poor structure.  The overall quality may be poor when you find misspelled words or grammar and punctuation errors. In some cases, dissertations of poor quality can still help you get an idea of what to avoid when writing your own content.

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