PhD Dissertation Writing Tutorial: Concluding your Paper

Writing a PhD paper is definitely not an easy thing and if you are at that stage in your studies, you know that stress can take over your entire work and that it can affect every single part of it: from your willingness to do things right to your actual interest in the topic that used to interest you a lot. However, if you do manage to get yourself together and to get a bit of organization in the way you work on your PhD dissertation, you will be able to get it done (and, even more importantly, to get it done the right way).

One of the most important parts you will have to take care of is concluding your paper the right way. This is important because this will be the actual conclusion of your long-term research and most of the people who do not have the time to read the entire paper will want to read the introduction and the conclusion first, to see if your research can help them. Do bear in mind that as an academic writer you have a huge responsibility on your shoulders: that of having to make sure that your work is put in relationship with other pieces of work from the entire world and that at some point, it will be helpful for at least one other researcher out there.

There are definitely certain things you should bear in mind when writing the conclusion of your dissertation paper. You may be familiar with most of them and they may sound trivial and easy to do, but as you will discover, they are the most important things a conclusion should and should not be. Do keep them in mind and try to adjust your own writing style and your own topic to them:

  1. Never write conclusions that are too long because this can get boring for a reader who has not read the entire paper and because this can feel useless. You need to make your conclusion elaborate enough as to not seem brief and unimportant, but short enough as to not bore a student.
  2. Be very cautious about the way you choose your words and about the way the very last sentence of your conclusion will sound like. You need something that invites the reader to more and that makes your entire work be seen as important for the development of the field in which you work.
  3. Furthermore, do make sure that you are humble enough as to admit that there is much more to discuss on the side of your topic and that further research needs to be done. However, make sure that you are not too humble, that you acknowledge your work and that you are proud and confident about it as well.

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