Research Methodology For Your Undergraduate Dissertation

Undergraduates can have a hard time decide how to approach their research methodology to their dissertation.  Some students use literature, case studies, or existing data for their methodology.  Any of these methodologies can be used to write you undergrad dissertation.  When you are going to start to gather your data for your dissertation, there are two ways that you can go about doing it, qualitative or quantitative.  Qualitative data has to do with descriptions like, colors textures, appearance, smells, etc.  Think qualitative as the quality of something.  Quantitative data has numbers, measurements, length, area, volume, weight, temperature, etc.  Quantitative is the quantity of something.  But there are many ways that you can collect research for your dissertation. Here are the ways you can do it.

Research Methodology

  • Primary Research:  Primary research is research that is new to the topic of your dissertation.  This could be a questionnaire, experiment, or anything else that you did to come up with new information.
  • Secondary Research:  Secondary research is research that has already been done before but you are using it to reexamine data or using it to further your study.  This can be reusing an experiment that has been done before to try to get different results.
  • Quantitative Research:  Quantitative research is research that produces statistical, mathematical and computational results.  This kind of research is used to answer closed ended questions and deals with numbers not opinions.
  • Qualitative Research:  Qualitative research is usually used for art and social science dissertations because they are used to find out why and how something is done.  This research has open-ended questions that are asked to study subjects unlike quantitative research, which ask close ended ones.
  • Mixed Methodology:  Mixed methodology has to do with all of the above methods used in your dissertation. Some dissertations require that you use more than on form of methodology to get results.  You can use all of them or a couple depending on your research.  But be careful that you use the right methodology for your dissertation.  You don’t want to use ones that are not need for your research.

Now that you know all of the methodology that you can use for your undergraduate dissertation, you can start your research.  Make sure that you read over all of the methodology before you start.  This will help you pick the right kind for your topic and ensure that you conduct the right research.

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