Preparing Yourself To Write A Psychology Dissertation

Your undergraduate psychology dissertation is a huge task to complete. It gives you a taste of what research will be like in the work world once you’ve finished school. It seems daunting at the beginning, but once you get going and complete the dissertation you might find you actually enjoyed the process.

This guide will help you to prepare yourself to write this important paper. If you do some planning and organizing ahead of time you’ll actually find that the research and the writing go a lot faster and you don’t run into as many hurdles.

Here are the steps you should take to get ready for writing:

  • Gather all your papers together and make sure you understand the expectations of your professor. What are the exact requirements? Does it have a minimum word count? What is expected for references?
  • Identify any gaps in your learning or skills that you might need to polish up on before you start writing. You could go to workshops or get training or gather the information you need to prepare yourself. Think of anything that might come up in your life that would interfere with your writing and take care of those issues ahead of time.
  • Educate yourself as to the range of possible approaches you might use for writing your psychology dissertation. It’s better to know now before you choose something and wish you’d taken another route.
  • Do whatever you need to do to avoid procrastination. When time is on your side you can be more successful at writing.
  • Plan out your time schedule. When is your deadline? How much time do you need for research? Is there some original research that you need to conduct, record and analyze before you can begin to write?
  • Make sure your schedule is open for the next few months. Don’t plan other activities which will make you busy and ultimately lead to avoidance of writing.
  • Plan adequate time after writing to proof read, edit and do any other major revisions.

Reading other dissertations done by students can be very beneficial. Find some successful examples (ones that earned high grades) to study. Reading them will give you an idea of the extent of work someone else did to finish their psychology dissertation. It will also show you style and format. You may get some great ideas on how you want to construct your own dissertation paper.

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