Things To Remember Writing A Dissertation Results Section

A dissertation is a critical academic assignment that students complete during their academic career. This is mainly because their qualification for the degree depends upon this project. It is also tougher than the usual assignments you complete in school or college because it requires you to analyze the subject background and context and come up with an original idea that has not been discussed before. You need to be innovative yet evaluate the impact of your paper on the subject it is about. You should be careful while writing any section of your dissertation because all of them contribute to the complete project in the end

The results section in your dissertation is where you write what you have found as a result of your experimentation and research. This can be any research method depending upon the subject you are addressing and the methodology you developed for gathering and analyzing your data. Remember that this section does not require you to explain your results or justify them, rather you simply have to pen down what you found through experimentation or surveys etc.

Here are some important things to keep in mind if you are to compose a strong result section of your thesis

  1. Stay precise
  2. This section is rather brief and you do not have to go into any details. You have many other sections in your paper to explain or emphasize on your findings like the discussion. You do not have to add any irrelevant details or background information rather only add the values that you have found through your work

  3. Avoid adding false information
  4. Never add false or unauthenticated materials in the result section of your paper. It is critical that you only include what is true and valid to win the trust of your audience

  5. Do not add contradictory materials
  6. Never contradict yourself or your thesis in the result section. Do not add any data that can be misleading or confusing for your readers that want to see the extract of your work

  7. Be formal
  8. This section should be written in pure academic style and with the use of formal tone

  9. Use the right format
  10. Pick the right format for your paper and to cite your sources depending upon your teacher’s instructions

  11. Stay in touch with your supervisor
  12. Get help from your supervisor if you feel you need any assistance

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