How To Use A Dissertation Example At Your Convenience

Dissertation is similar to a thesis, and the two terms can sometimes be used interchangeably. In most instances, however, the dissertation is used when the student is doing their doctorate level of study while the thesis applies to those who are at the bachelor’s or master’s level. The dissertation is a document that students submit when they have finished their study. It normally supports their claim to a degree in a school of higher learning. Most of the time, one has to write a satisfactory dissertation to get their certificate. It is therefore often a meticulous and stressful process to undertake. Many students make it a habit of using samples to guide them in their work and dissertation writing is no exception. However, when writing a dissertation, the student should be very careful when they use samples.

New experience

Dissertations are normally the most work that many students have ever written in their whole academic life. It is a new experience for them, and it should be. It is an important step in the academic career, and although it is supposed to be helping out the student gain their degree, to many it seems like one of the biggest obstacles they can face. There is the temptation to lean too much on the sample and forget One’s own inclinations.


Dissertations are different from other forms of writing in that they do not have the deadlines associated with thesis writing and term papers. There is no pressure from instructors regarding time, and there is no assignment required. The process should ideally be directed by the individual doing it, such that it reveals not only what they have learned but what they want to show the world. It should be an independent process, and should show the student’s effort. They therefore should not borrow too much from the sample in they are to find success.


That the dissertation is an important document is a gross understatement. It is not only important for use in the academic realm but also in the job market. Chances are that the dissertation will form the basis of the early career of the student before other opportunities present themselves. One does not simply get a grade for it, it is relevant for many years to come, and can be revised. The person who writes it can turn it into a book or journal, and use it as a stepping stone to a career.

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