Picking Strong Theology Dissertation Ideas: 20 Original Suggestions

After all your years of attending first undergraduate, graduate, and then doctoral programs, you are finally at the last barrier to obtaining your Ph.D.: the requirement to write your doctoral dissertation in theology. There are a vast number of topics that you can pick from, but as you consider the topic that you are going to spend years researching and writing, examine where it is your passions lay so that you will not be faced with failing interest as the process goes on. Here are some strong ideas for your dissertation in theology, broken down by popular categories:

  • Religious History:
    • Were religious doctrines and ideas an influence on Hitler?
    • Religious tolerance has long been a failure by humans. Discuss some examples.
  • Worship and Rituals:
    • Is the Divine worshipped in the same way by all polytheistic followers?
    • Discuss the ideal that one can only be considered as married in the eyes of God if the ceremony took place in a church.
    • Pagan and Wiccan followers have long be said to have the ability to cast spells. What evidence is there that this is true?
  • World Religions:
    • What are we able to learn as people from the conflict over religion in the Sudan?
    • Discuss the saying that "Atheism is the world's new religion".
  • Politics and Religion:
    • Should leaders of various religions have some political and legal power?
    • Discuss the belief among some that in order to gain popularity politicians only pretend to be religious.
    • Over the last 500 years, how has religion in the UK been influenced by politics?
  • Religious Mythology:
    • What has the well-known myth of Osiris and Isis been able to teach us about life in Ancient Egypt?
    • How should believers interpret the inconsistencies in the Bible regarding the conflicting behavior displayed by both Jesus and his disciples?
  • Religion and Ethics:
    • Discuss the assumption that morality and religion are synonymous.
    • Discuss the belief that there is no moral code among Islamic fundamentalists.
  • Philosophy of Religion:
    • Who made God if he exists?
    • Discuss the use of religion as a safety net during times of crisis, hardship, or death.
  • Religion in the Contemporary World:
    • Discuss the media portrayal of Eastern religions in a post 9/11 world.
    • Discuss the Bible's teaching that no God is available for homosexuals.
  • Religious Architecture and Buildings:
    • What makes a church become a church?
    • Discuss the belief that the demolition of religious buildings is an act against God.

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