How To Create A Great Dissertation Proposal In 5 Steps: Tips And Examples

Most universities ask their graduate students to prepare dissertation proposals as a part of their assignments. It’s important to follow your school’s format, submit your work on time, and make necessary corrections. Planning and writing this document might seem to be a hard task, but if you know what to do, you can write it in several days. The following five steps will help you get through your proposal writing:

  1. Learn what the document should look like.
  2. You should understand what elements you have to incorporate in your assignments. Typically, a dissertation proposal includes a brief description of what your dissertation is about, what questions you intent to answer, how theoretical background references your study, what research methods and approaches you’re going to use, and what findings you intend to get. It makes sense to find a writing manual with explanations of how to compose each element with examples.

  3. Use samples and templates.
  4. Don’t hesitate to use reliable samples and proposal templates. You’ll save time and effort. You can find some on the Web, but it’s a good idea to visit your academic writing center and ask an instructor to select several good papers for you to follow. Pay special attention to the document’s structure, vocabulary, and formatting style.

  5. Prepare the first draft quickly.
  6. After you understand what you need to write about, you should put everything down as fast as you can. Then it’s recommended to take a break and revise your draft later. This is a simple way to find more errors in your proposal. Keep in mind that it should be mistake-free and written in a proper language. You need to be consistent about the tense of the text, as most proposals are prepared using the future tense.

  7. Ask your classmates or friends for help.
  8. Obviously, it’s easier to find mistakes in someone else’s writing. It’s a good idea to ask your friends to read it, highlight mistakes, and point out any ambiguities. You should also ask if the text is easy to understand. Remember, academic writing should be logical and readable.

  9. Submit your dissertation proposal before the deadline.
  10. It’s important to submit your assignment before the due date. So, when it’s ready, you should print it, read it one more time, check whether it has your name on it, and then give it to your supervisor. Don’t forget to ask when you can expect to receive your reviewed paper back.

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