100 pages in 100 days: How to organize your time when writing a Masters thesis

Create a starting point for the dissertation. Create a good quality working plan. For this make sure that the plan is achievable. Have a good scheme of reward for each milestone that has been achieved .Work on a daily basis. In your plan make sure not to skip any day as this will have serious consequences. The time to work should not be very much. Instead, you should set about 45 minutes per day to work on the dissertation. Create a good habit. It is essential for you to switch off the computer unless you are using it. This will help you avoid distractions

Reduce the amount of distractions. If you are distracted often, you will not be at a good position to make it. The room that you are working in should be very silent and located in a good place. To make sure that you are doing well in terms of following your schedule, you should use a stop watch or an alarm to guide you. It is also recommended that you put off your phone as you don’t want people to call and text you during the writing. Also, don’t check the e-mails and get into the internet. Use the internet only for dissertation related issues.

Have a reputable support. It is important for you to have a good person to keep you in check. Your wife or kids can be perfect for this. Get into a good group of friends and colleagues who are working for the same project. These groups can help you a great deal to fast track your work. Keep moving. No matter how difficult it is for you, you should not stop. Keep going until you are done with it. Be organized. Try as much as you can to get all materials you need for your dissertation. Also, get rid of all materials that are not required as at now.

Have your list of materials. Before you start, you should gather all materials that you will require for the dissertation. Having these materials will help you to be more organized and write a good report. There are many programs and software that are very important in reference creation. Some of the programs are free while others are paid. They come in handy during these times. And remember to care for yourself during this process.

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