Dissertation proposal writing – top 10 writing prompts

Dissertation proposals work to set the tone or set up for the main dissertation project. Basically, your proposal is an idea you want permission to research further. This can be challenging to determine since there are various ideas depending on your area of study. Some students want to choose something that has already been studied, while others may have similar ideas but with different perspectives. You want to select something that will interest enough so you can get approval to work on it in more detail. The following prompts are general ideas of interest:

  1. How would you describe yourself using one quote? What quote would it be?
  2. A dilemma you could not imagine yourself dealing with; how would you deal with it?
  3. A how-to manual about something you do well that can help others.
  4. If you were the founder of a university what areas of study would you specialize in?
  5. A personal experience that led you to studying in your current field.
  6. Understanding how the mind is affected by depression.
  7. How coursework or study content is developed for students to study in school.
  8. The process for recalling a product such as food or a vehicle.
  9. Reasons behind why older people are going back to school or college.
  10. How is the mind able to retain so much information over an extended period of time?

Additional Information about Dissertation Proposal Writing

Your proposal is just a brief overview of what you want to study further. So it helps to choose a topic that you can write two versions of with general and detailed information. If you present your proposal and it gets accepted, you basically have half of the work completed. You should be able to include more information to make it different from the proposal, but not changing your main idea or concept. And don't be afraid of getting an affordable coursework help.

You can get ideas from reviewing sample dissertation proposals. You can also brainstorm on your subject; break it down into smaller ideas and then choose something that interests you. Keep guidelines and instructions in mind when you write your proposal. Sometimes, failing to follow through with them or leaving out details may lead to rejection. Review common reasons why a proposal may get rejected. This could help you select a good topic to avoid such elements. Don’t forget to proofread and edit it.

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