How to come up with strong dissertation topics: a step-by-step guide

You will come across so many dissertation topics when you are getting ready to write your dissertation for your final paper. There are as many topics available as you can ever come to imagine, and it is for this reason that you will also need to be very keen to ensure that you at least get to choose only those which are worth your time, and which you can easily write about. The following steps should help you choose a very good dissertation topic:

  • Passion – you have to be passionate about the topic that you want to choose. Before you choose the topic, think about the subject widely and from there you will have an idea about what interests you and what you can write about
  • Knowledge – you can be passionate about some particular are of concern but unfortunately you might not have the knowledge to help you get the best in it. You need to choose a topic that you are knowledgeable in, a topic that you will be able to write confidently because you have all the information necessary to write it just the way you should
  • Specialization – once you have gone through all that, you now need to look at the area of specialization carefully. You should determine whether or not this area offers some significant specialization under which you can conduct a research paper or not.
  • Scholarly support – once you have chosen whichever of these concerns, or even before you do so, you need to look at the scholarly support or the amount of work that has been done in that field. You usually have a higher chance of getting the finest marks especially when you have a lot of research work already available in the field than if you are writing about a new topic that most people do not really understand. Besides, you want to have a research paper that your tutor or the person that is marking your paper will easily understand so that it can be easier for them to grade you. If you choose something out of the ordinary, you might be taking a huge risk because if the tutor is challenged in understanding what you are writing, chances are high that you could fail.
  • Always go for something that you have previously studied because this will certainly give you a very good idea about what you need to write

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