How to Write a Master's Thesis: Following Professional Advice

You are nearing the end of your Master’s program. You have invested a lot of time and money. You have skipped a few parties and devoted many weekends to your studies. It’s about to pay off but there is one little thing standing in your way: your Master’s thesis.

A Master’s thesis is required for one to achieve a master’s degree. The word count can range anywhere from a couple hundred words to over a thousand words. The idea behind creating a Master’s thesis is to add your contribution to human knowledge. Some student’s will spend an entire year researching and completing their Master’s Thesis.

Here is a little professional advice to help get your master’s thesis started and completed before losing your mind.

Choose a topic you are passionate about

You will be spending a lot of time working on your master’s thesis. It has to be on something that you are passionate about. If you choose a topic that you don’t really care about, you will be adding extra stress that is unnecessary. Your topic should be interesting and something that you really care about or believe in. Plus it will be easier to express yourself about a topic that you may have already discussed or gave your opinion on in the past.

Locate an advisor

It may be helpful to find an expert or professor to help you prepare your thesis. An expert can use their expertise to narrow your research topic. This is really important because you will become too overwhelmed if you choose a topic that is too broad. You will end up collecting a lot of information and will have a lot of trouble consolidating it into a concise thesis. Generalizations are too hard to write about.

Research, Research, Research

Researching your thesis topic is probably the most important part of the process. It is important to take notes as you go. It may be a good idea to use index cards for this process. Jot down important quotes with the reference information on the back. When you get to the final process you can organize your index cards and quotes according to which body paragraph they will end up pertaining to. This is an easy way to switch them around if you end up changing your reasoning a little in the future.

Create a detailed outline

By creating a detailed outline, you will be able to keep your research and thesis on task. Without an outline your thesis could end up going in a million directions that will make it really hard to write. An outline will make it easy to keep on track and make sure that every sentence of your thesis is written for the purpose of proving your point.

This may be one of the hardest tasks you are required to do in order to get your Master’s Degree. However, if you stay organized and concentrate on your research, you will master your Master’s thesis.

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