A List Of Successful Dissertation Topics In Computer Science

A lot of time is wasted looking for a computer science dissertation topic instead of doing the actual research. To avoid this, here is a list of outstanding dissertation topics for computer science. They are fresh and unique to capture the attention of your supervisor. They also touch on different areas of interest in computer science to ensure that you find a category you can work on.

Consider the different categories or segments in computer science and select a topic from the area.

  1. Topics about the internet- the areas include integration of social media, ecommerce, web security, etc.
    • The technical challenges when integrating social media into a SME marketing website
    • Can insurance be used to guarantee cost effectiveness when managing internet security?
    • How can web content for health related services be authenticated and what is the impact on overall health in the society?
    • Why is internet access in rural areas a challenge all over the world?
  2. Ideas about hardware related topics for your computer science dissertation. This category extends to cover computers and other computerized devices like mobile phones.
    • Can elderly computer users benefit more by using touch pads as opposed to old model keyboards?
    • What is the current position of natural user interface and what potential does it hold?
    • How secure is your data once stored on the cloud?
  3. Computer software dissertation topics – this segment covers software that is installed on computers, mobile devices and other hardware that are already computerized. It also covers the fast growing world of app development. It is a chance to evaluate different operating systems and the opportunities they provide for the market.
    • Are mobile applications the best tools in data collection?
    • Testing the algorithms of developing 3D from 2D images in a simulated setup.
    • Data Scalability: decentralizing cloud resources.
  4. The technical nature of computer science demands a flawless dissertation topic. This means that you have to work harder to get a fresh topic for your academic work. The choice of a topic cannot be based on your liking alone. There are other considerations to make.
    • Has the areas been studied and a solution been provided already?
    • Can the solution you will be providing solve a practical problem?
    • Do you understand the basic concepts that will form part of your computer science dissertation?
    • Is there enough literature to base you conclusions on?
    • Does the topic add any value to your career prospects?

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