Writing a PhD dissertation: why conclusion is so important?

The main purpose of conclusion in a PhD thesis is to summarize the findings. Some people question the need of conclusion. They criticize the need of conclusion when they already have explained everything about the research, its results and discussed it in a hell lot of detail then why it is so important to conclude.

Misconceptions about writing a conclusion:

  • Restating the findings:
  • Writing a conclusion doesn’t mean that you are going to restate all of your findings. It means a little summary of all the results and discussions.

  • Is it useless?
  • No, it is quite useful. Especially for those who want to have a quick look on the research for any purpose. They emphasize to read the conclusions because it presents whole story in a brief manner so they don’t have to go through the entire written subject.

  • Conclusion should be long and well-explained:
  • As said earlier, concluding the research doesn’t mean that you are writing the previously explained material again. Conclusion is short and interesting as they should be. It should be to the point and relevant.

What makes a conclusion so important?

  • Quick review of the findings (Deduction):
  • Conclusion gives a quick review of the findings. Not everybody reads whole paper. Instead, common people are interested in findings. So, they can get the whole point in a short way. This fact makes conclusion very important for most of the people.

  • Implications:
  • A good conclusion includes a brief description of implications of the study. Where and how can it be useful? It depends on the style and more importantly, skill of the writer to describe it shortly.

  • Limitations:
  • In most of the dissertations, researchers include limitations of the study in section of the conclusions. Limitations are very important to be reported as it would help future researchers of the field or topic to be aware of these.

  • Important facts and figures:
  • If there are some facts and figures which have not been described in main body of the research, they can be mentioned in concluding section.

In other words, conclusion is reflection of the main body of research. Adequate and concise format should be chosen for writing conclusion. That is why; it is sometimes quite difficult to write conclusion for most of the people. In addition, it should be interesting enough to get one absorbed in it rather than bored.

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