Important Steps of a Dissertation Writing Process

Writing a dissertation is not a matter of days it is a long process. It is however important to realize that an effective dissertation can be written if it is well thought out and organized. If you start early and have a step wise approach then you can easily complete your dissertation in the given time.

A student must keep the following steps in mind while writing a dissertation

  1. Select a unique topic
  2. First and foremost you need to select a topic for your thesis. This should be something you are comfortable writing about and is more like a passion for you. If you choose a topic that is too formal you may not be able to write about it and may have to start over again. This will waste a lot of your time.

  3. Literature review
  4. Secondly after you have chosen the topic find out its background and published history. See what people have already written about it and what aspects are yet to be discovered or thrown a light upon. This is called the literature review of a subject.

  5. Make a work plan
  6. It is always advisable to plan things for getting better results. Different people have different approaches to working. Make a plan that suits you the best and set the short and long term milestones for yourself.

  7. Data collection
  8. This is an important step in writing your dissertation, after you have chosen the specific topic and assigned time limits it is now time to collect primary and secondary data for your research process. The data collection process may include

    • Surveys
    • Questionnaires
    • Interviews
    • Newspapers
    • Internet
    • Books
    • Government records
  9. Make a theory
  10. Then on the basis of the data you have collected make a theory. This is the same theory that you developed in your literature review but can now be improvised and revised in the light of data you have collected.

  11. Do the analysis and interpretation
  12. After the development of the theory now is the time to interpret your data and carry out analysis of your research so far.

  13. Conclude your findings
  14. After careful analysis the last step is to conclude and compile all your findings and start writing your dissertation paper.

    Proof read

    When you have written the dissertation you must then proof read your work so that you can fix any issues in the text. It is important to number the pages as well. Make sure the thesis you have written is free of all errors.

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