Where To Get An Example Of A Dissertation Literature Review

It can be very difficult to find something specific on the Internet. Especially, if it is something related to scientific works, which are rigorously protected by the copyright law. Any scientific work starts with a paragraph, which analyzes the existing data and points out the necessity of a certain research. This paragraph is called a literature review. There are plenty of advice lists which can help you write such a paragraph, but sometimes it’s just not enough. So let us find out, where you should go to get a suitable example of a literature review.

  1. Local libraries.
  2. Local scientific libraries in your field of knowledge can offer you some examples of works, which are mandatory to contain a review. You probably won’t be able to carry them out of the institution, but you are free to study them on site. Also, mind asking a librarian for an advice. Don’t forget, that there are plenty of digitized libraries that can be accessed online.

  3. Universities.
  4. You can always get a consult at a university of your field of knowledge. You probably won’t be charged for it, unless you actually want to buy a license to use someone’s work. But if you are not dealing with someone’s copyright – you are free of charge. Don’t forget, that any university has an archive. Such archives contain many finished and proofed works, which can help you do your review.

  5. Experienced friends.
  6. If you are writing a dissertation, you probably know a couple of people, who did it before. And, of course, you have your scientific adviser. If asked properly, all of them can turn out to be a never-ending fountain of knowledge. You probably won’t understand every bit of info they would tell you, but eventually it will all become clear.

  7. The Internet.
  8. The Internet is a gold mine of information and useful advice. But as helpful as it is, the Internet can also be malicious. Open sources of information are good, if you already have an intellectual base of your own, so you can distinguish true from false. Remember that the Internet is often anonymous, and sometimes you cannot be sure whether the source you are reading is fully trustworthy. If you don’t have enough experience in research, you better stick with the first three proposed sources of information. Use proofed hyperlinks provided by the universities of your specialty to find trustworthy sources.

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