6 Fresh Ideas for Marketing Dissertation Topics

If you need to write a marketing dissertation, you will definitely need some inspiration to find the perfect topic. The following suggestions can give you that:

  1. Rebuilding New Orleans’ reputation after Katrina.

    Before disaster struck, New Orleans was a major tourist spot. However, its popularity dropped significantly after the hurricane. You can focus part of your dissertation on studying the marketing strategies that have been implemented to rebuild the standing of New Orleans in tourist ratings. The second part should be dedicated to your own ideas.

  2. Using low self-esteem to spur consumers’ desires to purchase goods: How is this approach used in marketing strategies today?

    Every marketing specialist knows that understanding psychology and using it will improve his or her business. Is playing on people’s insecurities to promote goods immoral? Is this strategy truly effective? Does this particular approach actually exist?

    All these questions, and many more interesting ones, can serve as a basis for a very controversial and daring dissertation.

  3. Marketing alternative treatments.

    You can choose any kind of treatment you like and study the marketing strategies that are used to promote it today. Offer your ideas on how to improve them, considering the fact that the treatments usually lack medical evidence to prove their efficiency.

    To make the dissertation more interesting, you should look into the alternative therapies that were surrounded by scandals. Explain why the PR specialists that worked on them after the fallout managed or failed to succeed in making the product/therapy popular again.

  4. Political marketing: Labour vs. Conservative parties.

    You can choose other political parties if you want. This is not an important issue in this case. It will be best to base your dissertation on the latest election. This way, the memories will still be fresh in your audience’s mind. Explain the specifics of political marketing using the chosen examples. Determine which of the strategies was the most effective and why.

  5. Marketing farmer’s markets.

    This paper should identify the reasons that make farmer’s markets popular, as well as those that prevent their growths. Your primary focus should be on developing ideas of effective marketing strategies for this kind of business.

  6. How do country of origin and brand actually influence buyers’ choices?

    This dissertation should include a detailed study of a specified group of buyers. You can use online polls to assist you with gathering the data needed for this project. You will also need to dig into psychology, sociology, and even history to explain why some brands and countries are seen as superior to others.

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