Expert Advice On How To Compose A Dissertation Problem Statement

The problem statement of an academic paper is perhaps as important as the introduction or the conclusion. This is the space where you define what you are performing and to what effect you are willing to go to achieve that. The real issue with the problem statement is in the way you have dealt with in the past and the reforms that you are looking at in the present paper. But these are only as persistent as you wish them to be.

There are also several people that believe the problem statement can be done with when they are looking to go the full distance. Here are a few things that you will have to consider in the wake of the same.

The dissertation problem statement must be real

There are several chapters in an academic paper and the problem statement is one of them. But it is included before most other chapters, shortly after the introduction and the abstract of the paper. You should make the statement as genuine as possible. Make sure there are reasonable facts and figures to impart a sense of credibility.

It should speak categorically about the problem

The magnanimity and magnitude of the issue aside, the problem statement will not talk a lot about other aspects of the paper. You must make sure there is a sense of revelation in the problem itself. Keep the problem specific.

Do not hint at a solution

There are many young scholars who will do just this and end up losing vital points. The problem statement is supposed to highlight the problem in all its desolation. The rest of the paper may or may not deal with the solution. That will be taken care of at that point.

Give “the other” a chance

There is always a chance for misconstruing the problem in the first place. This is why you should avoid absolute terms and absolution in general while hinting at the problem in the problem statement.

The ideal length

The length of the problem statement should not be made into the level of understanding that evades other people as well. Keep it short and pointed. It does not need to compete with other papers as far as the length of the statement goes.

Not to be mixed with other chapters

The other chapters in the dissertation should be based on the problem statement and not the other way around. This is the chief responsibility of the winter.

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