Criminal Justice Thesis Topics to be Careful With

Criminal justice papers are necessary for graduating with a degree in criminal justice, but there are some topics that you may want to avoid if you can't tread lightly or professionally with the topic. These topics are not off-limits, but you should make sure you research them well before writing anything about them.

Capital Punishment

The jury is divided on whether or not the death penalty is a good thing, so be careful how you present this topic. You don’t want to come off as a zealot one way or the other, and you most definitely want to present facts to support your claim. Be sure to present both sides of the debate and if you need to interject your opinion, save it for the thesis and the conclusion.

Police Brutality

If you are going to be a police officer you may feel passionately about this topic, and that's perfectly acceptable, but you need to present this topic carefully, as well. Some people feel that police brutality is on the rise, while others argue that sometimes necessary force is needed. If you want to approach this topic, use a police brutality case to support your claims, no matter which way the case went or what your opinion on the subject may be.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is a huge issue with politicians, police officers, journalists, and every day citizens. If you feel passionately enough to write about this in terms of citizens speaking out against the police or other authorities, use cases where this was needed and done properly. Always use historical instances and laws to support this topic.

Drug Arrests

Drugs are a societal issue, but not everyone feels they should be illegal. Whatever your stance, use medical and legal fact to support why you think drug arrests are needed or harmful. If you think they are excessive, cite the number of people in jail over them, the effect it has on taxes, and the racial divide it causes. If you think they are a good thing, cite how drugs effect society.

Criminal justice papers can be easy to write, but there are topics that need a little extra precaution when you write them. Be sure to always use fact and support your topics and thesis claims with historical instances and case law. You will get a better review of your paper is you are able to use facts to make your claims for you.

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