Where To Look For A Persuasive Topic For A Dissertation

The Search for A Topic

 In looking for a persuasive topic for a Dissertation, it behooves one to look within. Where do the student’s passions lie? What are the student’s passions? What is it that has driven the student to further his or her education and toward what goal. Why does the student seek this goal?

The student must ask him or herself many, many questions about the direction of their primal inquiries. Why did the student pursue this line of study? What events in their lives prompted them to pursue their education in this area?

The Dissertation: A Major Project

When the student finds answers to these questions from within and from all of their experiences and education, he or she can approach the prospect of finding a persuasive topic for their Dissertation. The Dissertation is a major project. It is appropriate for the Dissertation to reflect the direction of the student’s life study and future pursuits.

An Academic Approach

The student should, of course take the academic path when selecting their topic. The student should review, read, and study all available literature and resources pertaining to his or her course of study. The student should then link what they gained out of their review and study of the literature and resources, to the direction of their academic passion.

The student should review and read, and study the syllabus and website. The student should understand that he or she will benefit from extensive independent research on their study. The student should search for information that stands out to them. The student should search through the materials they are reviewing and studying for key thoughts, key words, and key concepts. In addition, the student can resort to his or her own creativity to search out additional resources. It is only through a careful review of the resources; books, CD’s, DVD’s and other materials that the student can elicit a long list of research topics. The student of course may order these resources online, purchase them at the bookstore, or research the subject at the library. Upon the review of this material, the student gains a knowledge base upon which to base his or her opinion. This is what we are in search of; an educated opinion to be subject to proof as the student develops the Dissertation.

The Student’s Bias

Essentially, once the student is able to collect, review, and study the necessary resources, and is able to utilize the methods outlined above to establish their bias, the student can write on a subject that has significance to them.


The proposition is that if the student feels this strongly about their subject; that they should base the topic of their Dissertation on it, they will be able to persuade the reader toward the support of their position or to at least deem the student’s arguments worthy.

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