Practical Guidelines On How To Write A Dissertation Abstract

An abstract can be defined as a short explanation for the research you have done and things that you are planning to add into the dissertation. The basic content of the dissertation can be easily understood by the help of a good abstract. The format of it depends upon nature of your research. It may be different in different universities. A good abstract impresses everybody and will create a good impression on your research.

While writing it, make sure that you have included all the vital points while doing the research. In most of the universities, the abstract needs to be approved before writing the dissertation. So in such cases a neat and understandable abstract is very much essential.

In some cases, your dissertation will not be examined fully so that it is very much essential to provide all the things in the abstract. In such cases it must be examined in detail. The first impression of a dissertation results from a good abstract. A person can easily decide to read your dissertation or not after going through the abstract. It clearly indicates about your knowledge regarding the topic.

Here are a few tips to make the abstract better:

  • Before creating it, follow the set of guidelines that the university has implemented. If it is not followed properly then there are high chances for getting it rejected.
  • Always include the methods you have followed while doing the research and explain in detail about each methods.
  • Make sure that you include successful as well as unsuccessful results, its expected outcome, why you didn’t get the desired results? , recommendations for the betterment of results etc.
  • If you come across any problems while doing the research, elaborate about it and also try to add the solutions for it.
  • Do not explain in detail about each of the things you have done in research. It will affect the length of the abstract and thus become difficult to follow for the reader. But in the case of results, it is better to write it in detail. It is because the ultimate aim of the research is desired results.
  • Do not provide unnecessary information in it. It means you are not supposed to add information which is not related to your research.
  • Ultimately, you need to keep the readers in mind while preparing an abstract.

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