How to Write a Postgraduate Dissertation Proposal: Great Techniques

A postgraduate dissertation is part of the process of achieving that terminal degree. A student has to keep in mind that the best dissertations are those that advance knowledge in the chosen field. A proposal has to be well thought out, and show the work will advance in a professional manner to its final conclusions. This is not as difficult a trip as some may imagine.

  1. Know Your Question. This is what the discussion is going to center around; finding an answer to a question. Be certain that you are have picked a topic that is original and that will allow you to fully demonstrate your command of the subject and your approach to finding solutions.
  2. Be Thorough about the Methodology. Your proposal will have to include the methodology you’re going to be using to research the question. This will involve explaining data collection, and analytical tools that will be used. Something you should consider doing is also stating what possible bias there may be in your methodology and how you are going to counterbalance that.
  3. Do a Complete Literature Review. There are services on the Internet you can use to have an exhaustive literature review done. It saves you time, and also produces information necessary to show a connection with past academic attempts at the central question.
  4. Admit to Any Possible Constraints. Your question may be part of a whole. There may be much larger issues that are connected to your research, which you do not have the time or the resources to investigate. Admitting up front what the boundaries are with the research shows a pragmatic understanding of what can and cannot be done.

As you are going about preparing that dissertation proposal there is something that you ought to keep in mind. Your career in academia can be significantly advanced with a good thesis. If you are able to contribute to the body of knowledge, it can lead to opportunities research and teaching. Some students forget this valuable part of the process. They do so at their disadvantage. While you should not simply pick a topic to land a high paying position, the approach that you take to answering question will demonstrate your expertise. A good dissertation is something that can be thought of as a professional marketing piece. If it is published by a well-respected journal, it will bring attention to you as a professional. These are all good reasons to take your time in deciding on a topic in drafting a dissertation proposal that has a chance of advancing your cause.

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